Deadman Voting
“Presidental Election 2016”

Vote with Passion 

Dead in the News

Colorado voter fraud revealed

2 Million Dead People Voted For Obama In '08

4 million dead people on US voter rolls.

Donald Trump's dark warning that dead will rise to rig the election

Hundreds of dead people are still voting in California.

North Carolina found 13,416 deceased voters who remained on the voter rolls as of October 2013. 

DeadMen Do Count!

 Dedicated for  making sure "The Dead" votes are counted.

 In the tradition of the Cities of New York, Chicago and now in California, Ohio, North Carolina and Florida, we want to register all living and dead.
 Illegal aliens, cartoon and fairy tale characters are now welcome to get that Democratic edge.

 Once we tally the names and final resting places of the deceased, we will push on for voter registration of the Dead.
Hopefully just in time for the Presidential race coming in Nov 8,. 2016.

 Every vote does count in this election, so do your part and help us register the Dead.

Bring the vote to them 

We currently are looking for people to canvas cemeteries and graveyards.
Reading obituaries daily and being a mortician is a plus!

If you would like to be a CCC (Cadaver Census Counter), or if you have the
personality of a cadaver...

 Tips to see if you are dead and may be counted

Do you find your body at room temperature?
Is the color gone from your cheeks?
Do you still have cheeks?
Do you like The Grateful Dead?
If you have answered yes to any of these, then you are dead!
Or at least a Dead Head and have a right to Vote...
Now get yourself registered!

Please help register the Dead to vote.
Encourage them to vote regularly and often!

Have you hugged a dead person today?

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Updated on ... Oct 18, 2016